Marker Magic: The Rendering Problem Solver for Designers
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More About This Title Marker Magic: The Rendering Problem Solver for Designers


Discover the art of rendering with markers through:
* Profiles of top rendering pros, their techniques, and examples of their best work.
* 65 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques you can use right now to improve your next design presentation.
* Specific color combinations for rendering wood, brick, foliage, skies, chrome and other materials.
* 40 Mini-Lessons with demonstrations of solutions to everyday rendering problems.


Richard McGarry and Greg Madsen are both partners in McGarry & Madsen, an architectural illustration and graphic design firm located in Miami Beach. Richard McGarry is the author of Tracing File for Interior and Architectural Illustration, which contains over 1,500 line drawings at different scales that cover the particular problems of making renderings of interior settings. He and Greg Madsen co-wrote Scale Elements for Design Elevations, the first guide to deal exclusively with architectural elevations, which presents over 1,700 copyright-free scale drawings.



What are the Advantages of Using Ink Line and Color Markers for Design Presentations?

Which Manufacturer's Line of Color Markers is Best?

How Do Different Papers Affect the Working Qualities of Markers?

What Other Media Can I Use to Enhance My Marker Renderings?

It's Hard for Me to Lay Down an Even Area of Color in Markers: What Should I Do?

The Lighting Look Drab in My Renderings: How do I Make it Bright and Crisp?

How Can I Best Indicate People in My Sketch Renderings?

I Always Have Trouble Matching the Colors I've Selected for a Rendering: What is the Best Way to Copy Color Sample Swatches?

Sometimes it Seems Like the More Color I Add to a Drawing, the Worse it Gets: What Am I Doing Wrong?

I Tend to Get Bogged Down in the Details of Laying Out a Perspective: How Can I Make it Less Confusing?

How do I render Round and Curved Surfaces?


How Can I Make the Sky Dramatically Complement the Buildings in My Rendering?

How Do I Create the Effect of Rich, Natural Wood in Furniture and Interior Paneling?

How Do I Keep My Brick Areas from Looking Monotonous?

How Do I Portray Granite and Marble?

What is the Best Way to Indicate a Mirror Reflection?

How Do I Render Transparent Objects?

What's an Easy System for Indicating Cars in a Rendering?

How Do I Portray Chrome, Brass, and Copper Convincingly?

What is the Best Way to Portray Glass?

What is the Best Way to Render Carpet Textures?

How Can I Show the Difference Between Matte and Glossy Surfaces?

What's the Best Way to Depict Water?

My Drawings of People Look Like Flat, Cut-Out Boards: How Do I Make Them Look More Dimensional?

What are Good Color Combinations for Rendered Site Plans?

How Do I Vary the Greens to Make My Foliage More Interesting?


Why Do Most Professional Renderers Keep a "Clip File"?

I Want My Renderings to Be "Loose": How Can I Keep Them From Looking Stiff and Mechanical?

Although I Draw the Buildings Accurately in my Renderings, They Never Seem as Exciting as I Want Them to Be: How Can I Make Them More Dramatic?

I've Just Finished Developing a Design: But Now the Client has Moved Our Meeting Up to This Afternoon, and I Need to Do a Perspective Sketch Fast: Help!

How Can I Check My Finished Rendering for Errors and Areas That Need Improvement?

How Do I "Jazz Up" My Elevations to Use Them for a Design Presentation?

What Can I Do to Develop a Personal Rendering Style?

I Have Difficulty Visualizing What I Want to Draw: Any Suggestions?

My Building Design Seems to Blend in With Everything Else in the Picture: How Can I Make it Stand Out Clearly?

How Can I Keep My Grays From Turning Muddy and Boring?

Sometimes My Background Seems to Jump Forward in the Picture: What Should I Do to Make it Recede?

My Design Sketches of Furniture Seem to Float on the Paper: How Can I Make Them More Interesting?

What Can I Do to Improve the Presentation of My Renderings?

I Usually Don't Have Time for a Professional Photographer to Shoot My Renderings Before They are Delivered to the Client: Is it Possible to Take Quality Photos Myself Without a Lot of Expensive Equipment?


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