Architectural Metal Surfaces
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Architectural Metal Surfaces demonstrates techniques for achieving a variety of surface effects through the application of texture, color treatments, and lighting effects.
* Presents more than 150 illustrations.
* Helps develop realistic expectations and accurate specifications and details.
* Describes the durability and maintenance requirements of various finishes.


L. WILLIAM ZAHNER, President and CEO of A. Zahner Company and Zahner Architectural Metal Consultants, has worked with many of the world's leading architects, including Frank Gehry, Antoine Predock, Herzog and de Meuron, and Tadao Ando. He has contributed to a number of high-profile projects using metal as a major building material, including the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, the Experience Music Project in Seattle, and the de Young Museum in San Francisco.



Acknowledgments and Credits.

Part 1: The Interaction of Light with Geometry.

Chapter 1: Expectations of Various Metal Surface Finishes.

Chapter 2: Specific Metals and Expectations of Appearance.

Part II: The Surface Mosaic.

Chapter 3: Functional Requirements of a Metal Surface.

Chapter 4: The Surface Mosaic.

Chapter 5: Surface Texturing: Macroscale.

Chapter 6: Seams.

Chapter 7: Joint Systems: Gaskets, Seals, and Interlocks.

Chapter 8: Edges and Transitions.

Part III: The Touch and Fabric.

Chapter 9: Chemical Processes to Enhance Metal Surfaces.

Chapter 10: Mechanical Processes.

Chapter 11: Deposition Processes.

Chapter 12: Variables Involved with Creating Metal Surfacing.

Chapter 13: Analysis of Surface Appearance Properties.

Chapter 14: The Aging of the Surface.

Appendix A: Relative Cost Comparisons.

Appendix B: Finish Designations.