Software Engineering
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A clear-cut, practical approach to software development! Emphasizing both the design and analysis of the technology, Peters and Pedrycz have written a comprehensive and complete text on a quantitative approach to software engineering. As you read the text, you'll learn the software design practices that are standard practice in the industry today. Practical approaches to specifying, designing and testing software as well as the foundations of Software Engineering are also presented. And the latest information in the field, additional experiments, and solutions to selected problems are available at the authors's web site (httpp// Key Features
* Thorough coverage is provided on the quantitative aspects of software Engineering including software measures, software quality, software costs and software reliability.
* A complete case study allows students to trace the application of methods and practices in each chapter.
* Examples found throughout the text are in C++ and Java.
* A wide range of elementary and intermediate problems as well as more advanced research problems are available at the end of each chapter.
* Students are given the opportunity to expand their horizons through frequent references to related web pages.


James F. Peters is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba (Canada). He has published numerous papers on formal methods in the design of real-time systems, application of fuzzy sets, rough sets, Petri nets and software engineering. He serves as Associate Editor of Control Engineering Practice and is an IEEE distinguished lecturer on formal methods in system design. Witold Pedrycz is a Professor and Associate Head in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alberta (Canada). He has published numerous papers and is an author of a research monograph on fuzzy control and fuzzy systems, one on fuzzy sets engineering, and a co-author of a monograph on fuzzy relational equations. He serves as Associate Editor for the Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Transactions on Neural Networks, and is a member of the editorial board.



Software Engineering Landscape.

Software Processes.

Requirements Engineering.

Software Design: Architectures.

SoftwareDesign: Validation and Risk Analysis.

Design Elaboration.

Design Elaboration: Mobile Computing.

Software Verification.

Software Measures.

Software Cost Estimation.

Software Reliability.

Computational Intelligence in Software Engineering.