Composite Applications - The Role of Matrix Fiber& Interface
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Part I

Matrix Effects

Chapter 1

An Overview of Organic Polymeric Matrix Resins for Composites

C. A. Arnold, P. M. Hergenrother, and J. E. McGrath

Chapter 2

Modeling of Nonlinear Elastic Behavior of Elastomeric Flexible Composites Under Finite Deformation

S.-Y. Luo and T.-W. Chou

Chapter 3

PTC Effects in Conductor-Filled Amorphous Polymer Composites

D. M. Moffatt, J. Runt, W. Huebner, S. Yoshikawa, and R. Newnham

Part II

Fiber Effects

Chapter 4

Axial Compressive Strength of High-Performance Polymer Fibers

S. J. DeTeresa, S. R. Allen, and R. J. Farris

Chapter 5

Evolution of Structure in the Conversion of PAN-Based Carbon Fibers

D. Grove, V. Daga, P. Desai, and A. S. Abhiraman

Chapter 6

Short-Fiber-Reinforced Rubber: A New Kind of Composite

A. P. Foldi

Chapter 7

Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering Behavior of Microporous Fibers Used In Composite Structures

L. J. Effler, J. F. Fellers, and J. S. Lin

Chapter 8

Mesogenic Cellulose Triacetate Poly(etbylene terephthalate Mixtures)

Y. K. Hong, R. D. Fornes, and R. D. Gilbert

Part III

Interface -
Interphase Effects

Chapter 9

Interface Properties and Their Influence on Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

M. R. Piggott

Chapter 10

Effect of Fiber -
Matrix Adhesion on Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Graphite Thermoplastic Composites

J. A. Hinkley

Chapter 11

Chemical Effects at Carbon -
Polymer Interfaces

A. Carton, S. Wang, and W. T. K. Stevenson

Part IV

Special Applications

Chapter 12

Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers for Automotive Exterior Applications

H. G. Kia

Chapter 13

Applications of Cellulose Fiber -
Rubber Composites

L. A. Goettler and Z. Swiderski

Chapter 14

Property Enhancement of Wood Composites

R. M. Rowell

Chapter 15

Strength Properties of Wood Composites

J. A. Youngquist