Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design andManagement Practices
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More About This Title Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design andManagement Practices


Complete guidelines to developing and maintaining the most effective, environment-friendly irrigation systems for golf courses

Golf Course Irrigation offers valuable insight on the design, installation, management, and maintenance of irrigation systems-the most important management tool used on today's golf courses. Without manufacturers' bias, this useful resource provides hands-on guidance to the highest quality irrigation systems, including specifications and applications of the best pump stations, controllers, sprinkler heads, nozzles, valves, sensors, and other components that make the difference in top-quality irrigation systems.

Typically regarded as significant users of water, golf courses are under increasing scrutiny by governmental and environmental groups, making it essential that the up-to-date information found here-on such topics as water supply, plant irrigation requirements, application uniformity, and construction management-be at the fingertips of every golf course professional. While fostering the best playing conditions, these systems conserve water and energy with such technology as low-pressure heads and controls that use "if/then" logic to automatically adjust to changing conditions, which can improve playability while saving money.

Golf Course Irrigation is a practical tool to help golf course architects, builders, superintendents, irrigation consultants, designers, and installers to improve aesthetics and playing conditions in the face of diminishing natural resources. It is also an informative reference for golf course owners, developers, local officials, students, and fans of the game.


JAMES BARRETT, ASIC, CID, CLIA, is the founder of James Barrett Associates, Inc., in Roseland, New Jersey. He has designed more than 260 golf course irrigation systems.
BRIAN VINCHESI, ASIC, CID, CIC, CLIA, CGIA, CLIM, is President of Irrigation Consulting, Inc., in Pepperell, Massachusetts.
ROBERT DOBSON, CID, CIC, is President of Middletown Sprinkler Company in Port Monmouth, New Jersey.
PAUL ROCHE, CID, CIC, CLIA, is Irrigation Division Manager at S.V. Moffett Co., Inc., in Rochester, New York.
DAVID ZOLDOSKE, EdD, CID, is Director of the Center for Irrigation Technology at the California State University in Fresno.


* Plant Irrigation Requirements
* Water Supply: Quantity and Quality
* Pump Stations
* Materials
* Design
* Construction Management
* Installation
* Conservation