The Bully-Free Workplace: Stop Jerks,Weasels, and Snakes from Killing Your Organization
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More About This Title The Bully-Free Workplace: Stop Jerks,Weasels, and Snakes from Killing Your Organization


At long last a guidebook for employers that discusses workplace bullying from America's unrivaled leaders and creators of the workplace bullying consulting institute. Managers will learn how and why to stop bullying; prepare executives to lead the campaign and to resist undermining efforts of subordinates; and create a new, positive role for human resources. Outlining the required steps, The Bullying-Free Workplace includes information on how to create a preventive policy that brings consequences, like never before, when violated. The authors discourage half-hearted, short-term fixes that are prevalent today, and present their signature Blueprint methodology to successfully protect employee health and eradicate the psychological violence from organizations.


Gary Namie, PhD, is the senior consultant at Work Doctor Inc., a firm established in 1985 and now specializing in workplace bullying. He is a "recovering academic" with extensive experience in teaching university graduate and undergraduate courses in psychology and management. He was also a corporate manager for two regional hospital systems and served as the expert witness in the nation's first "bullying" trial in Indiana, a verdict upheld by the state supreme court in 2008.

Ruth F. Namie, PhD, is a founding consultant for Work Doctor Inc. and was training director for Sheraton Hotels before her clinical training led to helping chemically dependent individuals and families. Ruth's personal experience was the impetus for the workplace bullying movement in the United States. She has since become an expert on the devastating effects of bullying on targeted workers. Her humanizing contributions to the Namie Blueprint are what distinguish it from traditional business solutions to violence problems at work.


Foreword (Robert I. Sutton, PhD).



1 Bullies and Bullying.

2 Workplace Bullying Defined.

3 Impact on Targeted Employees.

4 How Bullying Kills Good Organizations Like Yours.

5 An Illustrative Case.

6 Why Bullies Bully.

7 Social Influence: How Others Define Our World for Us.

8 A Model of Preventable Causes of Bullying.

9 Mobilize Your Organization: Leaders' Preparations.

10 Mobilize Your Organization: Managers' and Supervisors' Preparation.

11 Preliminary Steps to Address Workplace Bullying.

12 A New Role for Human Resources.

13 The Namie Blueprint to Prevent and Correct Workplace Bullying.

14 Sustain the Bully-Free Culture.

Appendix A: Macro-Bullying Trends That Make Workers Dispensable.

Appendix B: The Namie & Namie Bibliography.

Appendix C: Bullying Is Domestic Violence when the Abuser Is on Payroll.


About the Authors.