Zhejiang University Press

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Established in 1984, Zhejiang University Press (ZUP) is a leading independent publisher in China. ZUP consistently works towards being an internationally-recognized publishing company, specializing in high-quality books, teaching materials, journals, audio and video publications and electronic publications. Each year ZUP publishes more than 1500 new books and reprints about 3000 books across all subject areas including, but not limited to: the natural sciences, engineering and technology, the humanities and social sciences, medicine and life sciences. In our English publishing program, we not only publish, sometimes co-publish, highly selected titles translated from other languages, but also books written originally in English. In recent years, close partnership has established between ZJUP and such worldwide prestigious publishers as Springer, John Wiley, McGraw-Hill, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Blackwell Publishing Group, etc., as a result of ZUP's efforts to expand its international exchange and cooperation. We pride ourselves on this publishing endeavor, aiming to help Western readers better understand and appreciate the East Asian cultures that are often too far away and somewhat mystifying. ZUP has highly skilled and experienced editors who will provide the best services to meet your various publishing needs. ZUP works with a variety of partner organizations to publish, co-publish and market a number of our book projects. ZUP will continue to cooperate with scholars/publishers/bookstores/libraries from all over the world.
1\\Potential copyright buyers for Chinese titles; 2\\Co-publishers for academic books in English in STM and HSS areas; 3\\Co-publishers for Chinese arts books in multi-languages; 4\\Co-publishers who have titles relating to China topics; 5\\Call for high-quality English manuscripts relating to China topics in all areas.