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Tumblehome Learning (THL) was formed in 2010 by a group of dedicated STEM activists, writers, and software and curriculum developers. Tumblehome Learning helps kids imagine themselves as young scientists or engineers and encourages them to experience science through adventure and discovery. We do this with exciting mystery and adventure tales as well as fun experiments carefully designed to engage students from Pre-K and up. At THL, we believe in the power of free-choice learning. We founded THL with the simple mission of making STEM learning an enjoyable adventure, without the stress of constant testing and school district accountability – to give kids freedom to learn when and how they choose. Whether just for fun, or for after school programs, in-school STEM enrichment, or homeschooling, THL materials provide an alternative method to get kids engaged and excited. We embed science and historical context of the discovery/invention process into kid-friendly storylines, and we supplement those with toys, activity kits and games. At THL, we want students to open their minds to the endless possibilities of the natural and man-made world, and to pursue their dreams with integrity in a way that respects the variety of the world’s cultures and other differences.
We are looking for discerning international buyers of high quality supplemental educational materials, specifically focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) topics covering a wide array of subject matters. Our books are full of adventure, mystery and excitement -- and are geared toward students who have a love for reading and who could potentially develop a love for science, math and engineering as well. THL books are curriculum-aligned to the latest U.S. standards (especially MA-specific standards) including NGSS and Common Core. Yet, our books are designed for the informal after-school learning environment; in other words, our books are both educational and fun! At THL, we truly believe in the globalization and sharing of knowledge that can help improve human society as a whole. As such, we are looking for like-minded publishers who wish to help us in our mission to spread both knowledge and the message of inspiration to the next potential generation of scientists and engineers. One of our founders is the child of Robert Noyce, inventor of the Silicon semiconductor, founder of Intel and advisor/co-founder of numerous other companies and ventures throughout the world. As such, in the spirit of Dr. Noyce, we have adopted his core saying as our corporate slogan and message to children of the world: "Go off and do something wonderful!"


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