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V&S Publishers absolutely stands worthy of its name as it emphasizes on Value and Substance. The company has a mission to forge a strong identity in the world by moving towards success, taking steps in leaps and bounds. The logo of the company being an Eagle signifies perception, vision and strength. We at V&S Publishers produce mass appeal books that excel in content and quality along with fulfilling the aspirations and expectations of our readers. With a pan India distribution network and a backlist of over 200 bestselling titles we aim to contribute towards the upliftment of our readers.
Through PUBMATCH, V&S Publishers would like to extend its reach to various other publishers and authors out there. While we already have a solid base in our own country, we believe that quality, good service and content surpasses geographical boundaries. With this belief, we hope to connect with anyone and everyone who wishes to know us better. We promise to deliver the best of our services to our customers, the best of editorial assistance to our authors, and the best of our titles for rights purchase by fellow publishers around the world. We, as a publisher based in New Delhi, India, look forward to PUBMATCH helping us in getting the required amount of exposure that would enable us to make our highly sophisticated titles visible to the outside world.


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