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As it is with Life, my profile is a Work in Progress. Here below I have tried to sum up what I currently love doing for a living. "Publish books that positively transforms the way we live, and as a result change the world around us." I love M.K. Gandhi's popular quote which reminds us that change has to begin with us. I believe, when a person decides to walk in this illuminating path, it will lead to deeper insights about oneself, which in turn would help us "appreciate and respect the rights and belief of others", ultimately bringing a compelling desire to "directly or indirectly help the less fortunate". That is my best attempt at Philosophy. Please read on.. Publishing is a complex word, and it suffices to say that I am one of the cog wheels in this intricate process, driven by Strategies, People, and Management - which in turn are inspired and driven by the self-same motto of "Publishing books that inspires positive change". Apart from work, I love nature, trees, the smell of fresh rain.. I especially love taking long walks along the country side. If you are an Author, Publisher or an Agent who writes or represents the kind of books I have described above, please get in touch. I love hearing from you.
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