Terri Fitzsimmons

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T.K. Banner hails from British Columbia, Canada. She has a lifetime experience in education: teaching all grades and career counseling. She taught for almost twenty years as a Sociology professor at the college where she herself graduated. Despite all of her achievements, she has dealt with personal demons which undermined her self-confidence. Her love of reading was her solace and her savior. Relying on the wisdom of such great spiritual writers such as Lao-tzu, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and The Dalai Lama, she was able to recover from the tragedy of the Paradise Fire (November 8, 2018). Her book is an inspiration to those who are also coping with adversity in their lives. She has just finished the sequel to her book (Smoldering Embers of Paradise) at the request of her readers. Her time is spent substitute teaching in the Medford School District, reading, meditating, and spending quality time with her fiancé and her furry feline ?Spunky.? One of her quotes to live by is ?Distress is not caused by what happens to you; it is how you react to stress that causes distress.?