T Crain

"Eolane has spent most of her life traveling the world, experiencing varied cultures as a military brat, a US diplomat, a US Marine Corps crypto-linguist, and finally an executive for international business conglomerates. Her stories of life in faraway places, people she met and distant cultures, entranced all who heard them. Family members, friends, and colleagues encouraged her to write a book about her adventures. Once her adult son proposed a partnership in which he would illustrate the series, she finally consented to write a collection of suspense novels based on the many different cities where she had lived. The series was titled The Jewel Chronicles. The mother/son partnership took off with the first book of the series, Whisper in the Wind, followed closely by their latest novel, Choices. The pair now live in Ireland where Eolane has retired to focus on The Jewel Chronicles and to pursue her art. Together she and her son, T Crain, are digging into their ancestral heritage in Ireland, which will be the focus of the upcoming book, The Long Road Home."