Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. enjoys the reputation of being one of the the first and the largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) center in India. What clients appreciate about Swift is its Process Oriented approach in providing services by meticulously planning the workflow and support systems, setting the right benchmarks for quality and delivery and using technology as a backbone to provide faster, better and cost-effective services to clients. We, at Swift offer a offshore outsourcing solution to all information needs of your Organization such as data entry, data capture, imaging solutions, forms processing, OCR/ICR, Data Conversion, Electronic Publishing and document work flow management. Our senior management has significant expertise in information management in the global Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Academic, Scientific, Technical, Financial and Market Research. Infrastructure: Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has built-in redundancy for all mission critical resources. Multiple internet links with firewall & antivirus system, captive power generator, uninterrupted power supply system and stand-by systems along with branded computers and structured networks allow us to deliver uninterrupted service round the clock. Manpower & Training: We recruit suitable candidates with sound academic background. Further they are screened for their expertise and inducted into appropriate projects through customized and well-proven training methods. Swift Information Technologies adapts on-the-job training for continuous improvement to render sustained quality service. Quality Management System: We have well-defined processes in place to measure, monitor, and improve all activities. The continual improvement system allows us to meet the customers’ requirement consistently. Information Security Management: We take utmost care for the data processed by strict adherence to security standards. Non-disclosure agreement imposed to the employees, access restriction to duplicating devices and 24x7 manned-security are some of the administrative, physical and technical safe guard measures in place. Support: We understand the proactive communication with its customers by having 24x7x365 online and telephonic customer support team.
Greetings!! My name is Altaf Shaikh and I am part of the Swift Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Business Development team. We at Swift ITech strive to develop Islamic History Books for various Publishers and Educational Organizations across the globe. We have a talented group of experienced professionals to work on unique requirements of our clients to create interactive eBooks. We’re developing eBooks with adaptability to various electronic book readers and also do multi-lingual conversion (conversion of eBooks in various languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Danish, Turkish and more). Our eBook development expertise includes but not limited to: Fixed layout eBooks – Apple, ePub3 and Kindle ePub2 and ePub3 standard of eBooks eBooks Creation/Narrative profile based eBooks Interactive and multimedia-rich eBooks Children’s books/ Story books Picture books/ Comic books Audio Books HTML5 eBooks Book-as-an-App Artwork/Graphic Design Kindly visit our website www.swiftitech.com and www.arabicdataconversion.com for more details. The notable clients we are associated with include Bookshare, The University of Chicago Library, University of London, Columbia University , University of California, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Bockmon, DCL, Precient Informations System, Patel Microdata, IGI Group, Belser Wissenschaftlicher Dienst Ltd., Yale University Library, JS Documanagement, Centre for Studies in Social Sciences--Calcutta, Publishers Row, Department of Religious Studies--University of California, IGI Group, Tuttle Publishing and many others. As part of on-going business development, we would be happy to process a free and non-obligatory sample for you. I would appreciate if you could send us a title or two to understand our core competencies and the quality of our work. I look forward to your response.