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Shihan Sheriff is an Amazon best-selling author, and the CFO of Esanjo, one of Dubai’s largest diversified global investments and technology companies. Esanjo’s investment portfolio comprises real estate, precious metals, venture capital and equities. Esanjo also has a cutting-edge payments technology infrastructure subsidiary called Nomod with aggressive revenue growth; Nomod is a Y Combinator® backed company and a partner platform for Stripe®. With more than 18 years of finance and accounting experience and a strong focus on teamwork, before joining Esanjo in 2010, he was a Finance Manager at Olive Real Estate in Dubai and an Accountant at John Keells Hotels® in Sri Lanka, where his team received the “Best Annual Report” award. As someone who can always be depended upon, the designation of CFO is not his job but rather is Shihan's passion, which has helped him chase his dreams. Being organized in all he does has helped him significantly increase his team's productivity and efficiency; he is passionate about creating optimised workflows and embracing automation to multitask and accomplish more. Dedication has been the theme of Shihan’s career, so he has been humbly recognized and promoted many times. He prides himself on exceeding the expectations of his team and employer. Diverse cross-cultural industry experiences and various educational qualifications make him unique from other Senior Finance professionals. Shihan has overcome many challenges during his life, and each of these helped him excel in his career given his positive attitude despite less favorable economic environments. He thoroughly enjoys work where his experiences, skills and desire to pursue excellence can be leveraged to help Esanjo achieve its objectives. He loves continually pushing himself to add value to his company by acquiring new skills on the weekends taking courses and MBA degree programs to apply new skill sets to help his employer beat the competition. He aspires to be a leading Finance professional in the region by helping take Esanjo to greater heights. His short-term ambition is to complete a Doctorate in Business Administration. Shihan has been known to be trustworthy and ethical among his work colleagues, friends and family. He is generous with his time, helping anyone who needs his professional help. He is passionate about helping and mentoring, to assist his colleagues or strangers in need to improve their standard of living. Shihan believes “we can’t realize our dreams in life without helping others accomplish their dreams.”
Publishers and Authors on the subjects of Finance and Accounting.