At BEA 2015:Looking for an agent!! Book signing Thursday 5/ 28 11am at booth 3046

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Notes about Nancy Smith and Award winning Make a Magic Wish First time author and Illustrator presents her new book: Make a Magic Wish. www.makeamagicwish.com. Make a Magic Wish received the Mom’s Choice Silver medallion. Nancy is a a 20+ year award winning educational book designer, with eleven years at Pearson Education in Boston, MA. “Make a Magic Wish has been a story in my heart for many years. Writing and painting  this flight of fancy has been a wonderful experience. Hundreds of children who have read this book in the schools I have presented Make a Magic Wish. I have have enjoyed helping make their own magical stories express their own amazing wishes. What a treasure it is to inspire children to share their dreams no matter the age of the dream.” Nancy is Owner of Angelscapes Publishing, where Make a Magic Wish is published.  Nancy is also Contibuting-Author to: No Mistakes!: How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance, published by Heirophant Publishing.
Looking for literary agent and publishing opportunities.