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Biosecurity: Understanding, Assessing, and Preventing the Threat

Biosecurity: Understan...

by Ryan Burnette
  • Published in 2013
  • 328
Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons

Comparative Homeland S...

by Nadav Morag
  • Published in 2011
  • 400
Alive and Well at the End of the Day: The Supervisor's Guide to Managing Safety in Operations

Alive and Well at the...

by Paul D. Balmert
  • Published in 2010
  • 296
Preparing for OSHA's Voluntary Protection Programs: A Guide to Success

Preparing for OSHA's V...

by Norman R. Deitch, Norman R. Deitch
  • Published in 2010
  • 432
LNG Risk Based Safety: Modeling and Consequence Analysis

LNG Risk Based Safety:...

by Robin Pitbaldo, Robin Pitbaldo
  • Published in 2010
  • 392
Guidelines for Auditing Process Safety ManagementSystems,  Second Edition

Guidelines for Auditin...

by CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)
  • Published in 2011
  • 960
Safety Manager's Guide to Office Ergonomics

Safety Manager's Guide...

by Craig Chasen
  • Published in 2009
  • 199
Guidelines for Process Safety in Bioprocess Manufacturing Facilities

Guidelines for Process...

by CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)
  • Published in 2010
  • 248
Personal Protective Equipment for Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Hazards: Design, Evaluation, and Selection

Personal Protective Eq...

by Eva F. Gudgin Dickson
  • Published in 2012
  • 348
Incidents That Define Process Safety

Incidents That Define...

by CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)
  • Published in 2008
  • 352
Suicide Terror: Understanding and Confronting theThreat

Suicide Terror: Unders...

by Ophir Falk
  • Published in 2009
  • 432
Handbook of Reagents for Organic Synthesis -Reagents for Silicon-Mediated Organic Synthesis

Handbook of Reagents f...

by Philip L. Fuchs
  • Published in 2011
  • 854

Showing 1 - 12 of 160 results