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Concepts and Applications of Finite Element Analysis

Concepts and Applicati...

by Robert J. Witt, David S. Malkus, Michael E. Plesha, Robert J. Witt
  • Published in 2001
  • 736
Control, Optimization, and Smart Structures

Control, Optimization,...

by Amgad Saleh, Amgad Saleh
  • Published in 1999
  • 288
Knight's Modern Seamanship

Knight's Modern Seaman...

by John V. Noel
  • Published in 1988
  • 800
Pavement Design and Materials

Pavement Design and Ma...

by E. A. Masad, E. A. Masad
  • Published in 2008
  • 560
Technology of Underground Liquid Storage Tank Systems

Technology of Undergro...

by John P. Hartmann
  • Published in 1997
  • 312
Strength and Related Properties of Concrete: A Quantitative Approach w/3.5 disk

Strength and Related P...

by Sándor Popovics
  • Published in 1998
  • 535
Project Partnering for the Design and Construction Industry

Project Partnering for...

by Ralph J. Stephenson
  • Published in 1996
  • 441
Soil Mechanics in Engineering Practice

Soil Mechanics in Engi...

by Gholamreza Mesri, Ralph B. Peck, Gholamreza Mesri
  • Published in 1996
  • 592
Stability Design of Semi-Rigid Frames

Stability Design of Se...

by J. Y. Richard Liew, Yoshiaki Goto, J. Y. Richard Liew
  • Published in 1995
  • 488
Planning and Design of Bridges

Planning and Design of...

by M. S. Troitsky
  • Published in 1994
  • 318

Showing 301 - 310 of 310 results