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Basic Virology, Fourth Edition

Basic Virology, Fourth...

by Edward K. Wagner
Microvascular Disease in Diabetes

Microvascular Disease...

by Francesco Tecilazich
Structure and Function of the Bacterial Genome

Structure and Function...

by Charles J. Dorman
Revolutionizing Tropical Medicine - Point-of-CareTests, New Imaging Technologies and Digital Health

Revolutionizing Tropic...

by Kerry Atkinson
  • Published in 2019
  • 768
Microbial Sensing in Fermentation

Microbial Sensing in F...

by Satinder K. Brar
  • Published in 2019
  • 344
Introduction to Opportunistic Premise Plumbing Pathogens

Introduction to Opport...

by Joseph O Falkinham
Environmental Microbiology: From Genomes to Biogeochemistry, Second Edition website

Environmental Microbio...

by Eugene L. Madsen
Zika Virus and Diseases: From Molecular Biology to Epidemiology

Zika Virus and Disease...

by Shou-Jiang Gao, Fan Cheng, Shou-Jiang Gao
  • Published in 2018
  • 264
Clinical Microbiology for Diagnostic LaboratoryScientists

Clinical Microbiology...

by Sarah Jane Pitt
  • Published in 2018
  • 296
Microbes for Climate Resilient Agriculture

Microbes for Climate R...

by Prem Lal Kashyap, Alok Kumar Srivastava, Shree Prakash Tiwari, Sudheer Kumar
  • Published in 2018
  • 376
Microbial Ecology of the Oceans 3e

Microbial Ecology of t...

by Josep M. Gasol
  • Published in 2018
  • 528

Showing 49 - 60 of 170 results