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Discourse function of conjoiners in the Pastoral Epistles

Discourse function of...

by Jakob K Heckert
  • Published in 1996
Translation Problems from A to Z, Revised edition

Translation Problems f...

by Richard C. Blight
  • Published in 1999
Manual for Problem Solving in Bible Translation

Manual for Problem Sol...

by Mildred L Larson
  • Published in 1975
Biblical Hebrew and Discourse Linguistics

Biblical Hebrew and Di...

by Robert D. Bergen
  • Published in 1995
Discourse Features of New Testament Greek: A Coursebook on the Information Structure of New Testament Greek

Discourse Features of...

by Stephen H. Levinsohn
  • Published in 2000
Bible Translation Basics: Communicating Scripture in a Relevant Way

Bible Translation Basi...

by Harriet Hill
  • Published in 2011
A Discourse Analysis of First Corinthians (Summer Institute of Linguistics and The University of Texas at Arlington Publications in Linguistics, Vol. 120)

A Discourse Analysis o...

by Ralph Bruce Terry
  • Published in 1995
Understanding Biblical Hebrew Verb Forms: Distribution and Function across Genres

Understanding Biblical...

by Robert E. Longacre
  • Published in 2015
Analyzing the Psalms: With Exercises for Bible Students and Translators

Analyzing the Psalms:...

by Ernst R. Wendland
  • Published in 2002
LiFE-Style Translating: A Workbook for Bible Translators, Second Edition

LiFE-Style Translating...

by Ernst R. Wendland
  • Published in 2011
Lovely, Lively Lyrics: Selected Studies in Biblical Hebrew Verse

Lovely, Lively Lyrics:...

by Ernst R. Wendland, Ernst R. Wendland Array
  • Published in 2013
Orality and the Scriptures: Composition, Translation, and Transmission

Orality and the Script...

by Ernst R. Wendland
  • Published in 2013

Showing 1 - 12 of 18 results