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Restructuring Health Care: The Patient FocusedParadigm (Booz-Allen Health Care/The LeadershipCenter Publication Series)

Restructuring Health C...

by Booz*Allen Health Care, Inc., Booz*Allen Health Care, Inc.
  • Published in 1993
  • 218
Collaborative Management in Health Care: Implementing the Integrative Organization

Collaborative Manageme...

by Laura J. Smith Tewksbury, Laura J. Smith Tewksbury
  • Published in 1992
  • 321
Transforming Healthcare Organizations: How to Achieve and Sustain Organizational Excellence

Transforming Healthcar...

by Richard J. Coffey, Richard J. Coffey
  • Published in 1990
  • 288
Remaking Health Care in America: The Evolution ofOrganized Delivery Systems, Second Edition

Remaking Health Care i...

by John B. Mitchell, Robin R. Gillies, David A. Anderson, Karen Morgan Erickson, John B. Mitchell
  • Published in 2000
  • 368
Trust Matters: New Directions in Health Care Leadership

Trust Matters: New Dir...

by Michael H. Annison, Dan S. Wilford
  • Published in 1998
  • 160
Immigrant Women's Health: Problems and Solutions

Immigrant Women's Heal...

by Elizabeth J. Kramer
  • Published in 1998
  • 464
Health Care Alliances and Conversions: A Handbookfor Nonprofit Trustees

Health Care Alliances...

by H. Chester Horn, Jr., H. Chester Horn, Jr.
  • Published in 1998
  • 198
Clinical Integration: Strategies and Practices forOrganized Delivery Systems

Clinical Integration:...

by Mary Tonges
  • Published in 1998
  • 239
Crossing Boundaries: Collaboration, Coordination,and the Redefinition of Resources

Crossing Boundaries: C...

by Elizabeth M. Lorentz, Elizabeth M. Lorentz
  • Published in 1997
  • 170
Prisons and AIDS: A Public Health Challenge

Prisons and AIDS: A Pu...

by Robert M. Mayberry, Theodore M. Hammett, Robert M. Mayberry
  • Published in 1996
  • 247
Promoting a Fighting Spirit: Psychotherapy for Cancer Patients, Survivors, and Their Families

Promoting a Fighting S...

by Linda Seligman
  • Published in 1996
  • 360
Building Partnerships: Educating Health Professionals for the Communities They Serve

Building Partnerships:...

by Ronald W. Richards
  • Published in 1995
  • 216

Showing 229 - 240 of 248 results