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Case Study Research in Software Engineering: Guidelines and Examples

Case Study Research in...

by Bjorn Regnell, Martin Host, Austen Rainer, Bjorn Regnell
  • Published in 2012
  • 256
Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanicsand Engineering

Numerical Analysis wit...

by Nicolae Pandrea, Nicolae-Doru Stanescu, Nicolae Pandrea
  • Published in 2013
  • 646
On Top of the Cloud: How CIOs Leverage New Technologies to Drive Change and Build Value Across the Enterprise

On Top of the Cloud: H...

by Hunter Muller
  • Published in 2012
  • 272
Operating System Concepts 9e

Operating System Conce...

by Greg Gagne, Peter B. Galvin, Greg Gagne
  • Published in 2012
  • 976
Beyond Redundancy: How Geographic Redundancy Can Improve Service Availability and Reliability of Computer-Based Systems

Beyond Redundancy: How...

by Daniel Eustace, Randee Adams, Daniel Eustace
  • Published in 2011
  • 330
Computer, Network, Software, and Hardware Engineering with Applications

Computer, Network, Sof...

by Norman F. Schneidewind
  • Published in 2012
  • 608
Cyber Security Policy Guidebook

Cyber Security Policy...

by Joseph Weiss, Jason Healey, Paul Rohmeyer, Marcus H. Sachs, Jeffrey Schmidt
  • Published in 2012
  • 288
Fundamentals of Pervasive Information Management Systems

Fundamentals of Pervas...

by Vijay Kumar
  • Published in 2013
  • 392
UPC: Distributed Shared Memory Programming

UPC: Distributed Share...

by Katherine Yelick, William Carlson, Thomas Sterling, Katherine Yelick
  • Published in 2005
  • 252
World Without Secrets:Business, Crime, andPrivacy in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing

World Without Secrets:...

by Richard S. Hunter
  • Published in 2002
  • 304
Intelligent Systems: Architecture, Design, andControl

Intelligent Systems: A...

by James S. Albus, James S. Albus
  • Published in 2001
  • 716
Advanced Quantum Communications: An Engineering Approach

Advanced Quantum Commu...

by Laszlo Gyongyosi, Laszlo Gyongyosi
  • Published in 2012
  • 488

Showing 5053 - 5064 of 5109 results