Sami El Soudani

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Dr. Sami El-Soudani is an aerospace materials scientist specializing in fracture mechanics and failure analysis and has been engaged for over thirty years in averting failures of aircraft structures. For the past 20 years, however, he has been conducting independent theological research prompted by regrettable world events clearly showing that failures of the human spirit are of far more devastating consequences than failures of aircraft structures. Dr. El-Soudani, was born in Egypt, received his undergraduate degree from the Soviet Union, his MSc Degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) and his PhD Degree from the University of Cambridge, England. Nabawia El-Soudani received a Master of Fine Arts Degree at the California Institute of the Arts in the program of Film and Video (May 2006). She has independently produced, directed, and edited film/videos that screened nationally and internationally in festivals and galleries including a feature length documentary, entitled My Father My Friend that complements the research in this book. Her work critiques patriarchal power and the military-industrial-media complex. Having both Western and Eastern heritage, she works to bridge the gap between East and West finding a common ground in the humanity, history, and spirituality that they have in common.