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"Sabra Kiani, mother of five, grandmother of fourteen and great-grandmother of four, at the age of 72, has finally had the time to complete her first novel. It has taken ten years to squeeze in the writing and edits between teaching exam prep High School English, adult reading, Moral Education in local High Schools, Drama, and writing, and putting on an occasional play. She also set up, runs and maintains a free library with over 1000 members and last but not least services as Chairman of the Spiritual Assembly of her Baha'i community in Guyana, South Africa. Mrs. Kiani and her husband arrived in Guyana in 1002 as Baha'i volunteers. She soon had a job as assistant to the Director of the National TV station and wrote and produced children's programs and documentaries. She left the TV world to do private video work with her husband for UNICEF and other NGOs. In a school for handicapped children she carried out an experimental program teaching deaf children to act and perform a play which included dancing, and finally 'retired' to do volunteer work full time In San Francisco, before leaving for Guyana, Sabra trained as an actress, performing in, writing, and directing a number of plays. She also writes children's books and hopes to have some out soon. She was on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Playwrights group until she left the country. "