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The Mirror Shop by Nicholas Bundock from Amsterdam Publishers

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    Amsterdam Publishers
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    Paperback / softback
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  • Дата публикации:
    May 14, 2018
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  • Amsterdam Publishers
Beneath the bright surface a dark world is waiting  Beneath the bright surface a dark world is waiting
Amsterdam Publishers

Offered By Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers is Holland's major international publisher. Owner: Liesbeth Heenk Specialized in: Holocaust Memoirs. Amsterdam Museum guides. Secrets of Van Gogh series.

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Luke, a mirror dealer, leads a safe existence in a market town surrounded by the English countryside.

On the surface he and his long-term partner, Eva, a psychotherapist, seem happy.

But when a younger woman enters his shop past history breaks through the tranquil surface of their lives, leading Luke to a world where murder is his only option.

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Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

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Nicholas Bundock was born in London. He has spent most of his life in Norfolk where he works as a consultant valuer of antiques.

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enjoyed very much reading “The mirror shop”, a novel that, without rush, succeed in recreates the atmosphere of a small town in Norfolk. Furniture, paintings and all kind of objects, but mainly mirrors, help to tell the story. It reveals not only the sensibility of the narrator, but they are also delineating the events and the characters. Tradition and routine mark the protagonist’s life, but things can change in a minute as happens with the reflections in the mirrors when the light changes: “Within twenty minutes rain is falling. No longer competing with the sun, the mirrors assume another life.” But before the intrusion of a mysterious woman in the orderly life of Luke, everything looks perfect: “-‘Some things can be at their best the moment before they fall apart.’ With a paused rhythm, the story leads the protagonist to the edge of the abyss. Order was broken. Seduction is the name of the game. A good handling of suspense complement the pleasure of reading. Congratulations Nicholas Bundock on your first novel.- Rosario Arias

Very interesting premise that is far more complex in reality than you will think. I appreciated that the author showed us little by little the depth of the characters. Two of the main characters are middle-aged in a long term relationship and in a quiet, peaceful community. I felt that the author used that slow, deliberate pace as to how we understand the characters, how they understand themselves and how the story eventually unfolds. Well structured and very compelling. - Sharon B.