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Repair the Broken Pieces by Deborah M. Vereen, EdD from Deborah Vereen

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  • A System to Awaken Positive Relations Between the Family and Educational Provider Through Engagement Fusion
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    USD 19.99
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    September 1, 2017
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    55 lb.
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  • Deborah Vereen
Deborah Vereen

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"Dr. Deborah M. Vereen is the CEO of Families with Us LLC and has been an educator for more than thirty-five years. She credits her family and consumer sciences instructional content area for providing her with a solid foundation for establishing and maintaining substantive relationships with the pa...

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The premise of this book is further substantiated because increased value has been placed upon involving parents and other family members, as well as other primary caregivers, as critical partners in the process of education in recent decades. Although the list of research-based and mandated strategies and programs is nearly endless throughout the United States of America, a few concrete examples that demonstrate the importance of these parental involvement efforts are presented here.