Philip Xiong

Rootis was formerly known as one ural farmers genealogy Squad Recorder in Xiaoshan countryside,the team leader is now the title of the company's founder, Zhou Xiaoru,who was influenced by the rise of Zhejiang family business and the environmental impacts of government policies, by borrowing capital and bank loans, bought one secondhand Mitsubishi 4-color feedsheet printing machine, one semi-automatic folding machines and glue binding machine.The remaining equipment were mostly manual machines,Starting the difficult history of Rootis, in 2013, another office was established in Shanghai, and the end of the year, Rootis acquired Shanghai-one small printing factory, and set up branches in Shanghai. Hangzhou Rootis printing Co.,Ltd established in 2002, investment of ¥500,000 , after ten years of development,occupying a 8,000 square meter facility. Setting up a web printing plant in Hangzhou and print most of the catalogs and brochures for the Hangzhou market. To carry forward the spirit of excellence, adhering to the tradition of Chinese culture, and publishes every piece of printed pieces seriously.
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