Ronald M. Clancy

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I am an author of four highly illustrated book/CD collections about Christmas music. The first three titles were self-published as boxed sets. The first title, BEST-LOVED CHRISTMAS CAROLS, was licensed by a reputable Sterling Publishing of New York and its success selling that title ultimately led to its publishing his fourth title SACRED CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Approximately 75,000 of these uniquely packaged titles have been sold. Their retail prices ranged from $19.95 to $59.95.
Looking to find publishers or strategic partners for several other Christmas music manuscripts that too are lavishly illustrated with period art and come with music CDs. They are as follows: 1) CHRISTMAS CAROLS FROM THE BRITISH ISLES 2) WORLDWIDE CHRISTMAS CLASSICS 3) FRENCH NOELS & MUSIC 4) GERMAN CHRISTMAS MUSIC 5) GOLDEN CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS Other manuscripts looking for a home are: 6) Music Book (music scores) for SACRED CHRISTMAS MUSIC already in print 7) THE HAIL MARY (Ave Maria): Its Glorious Story in Art and Music 8) THE LORD’S PRAYER (Our Father): Its Glorious Story in Art and Music The Hail Mary and The Lord’s Prayer titles are aimed at the Christian market, especially the more traditional religions. They are easy reads and non-theological in tone, and they briefly introduce to the average reader the wonders of the major art and music forms. In addition, Ron Clancy is looking for help marketing the remaining inventory of my first two self-published boxed set titles: 1) BEST-LOVED CHRISTMAS CAROLS 2) AMERICAN CHRISTMAS CLASSICS. To advance the sale of this inventory, Ron Clancy produced for twenty-three (23) videos for YouTube, most about 3-4 minutes in length, about the more compelling stories behind the origins of some of our most cherished carols and holiday songs. These videos can be private labeled or used by corporate sponsors as a way of promoting their products during the Christmas season. Another manuscript, a memoir with the working title HOME TO THE ORPHANAGE, is in progress. This title has tremendous upside potential. The story line opens by tracing the French origins of Catholic nuns and the Irish-German roots of the author. Both were destined to find themselves joined at the hip at St. John’s Orphanage in Philadelphia. When the author is inexplicably taken out of the orphanage by his mother, what follows is two and a half years of hell and torment, an experience alien to the author raised by Catholic nuns since he was of nine-month old infant. The story gains full traction by a detailed account of suffering and deprivation and abusive family conditions. Each torment only heightens a boy’s constant longing to return to the orphanage. Ultimately the true story provides clues of forgiveness and redemption, that life in an orphanage is not quite the bleak landscape that it is often cracked up to be. Imagine four hundred plus boys ensconced in one place! Imagine four hundred plus boys always up to something! But there are only so many stories that be wrapped in a memoir, and for a remarkable lot of women known as the Sisters of St. Joseph, the author spares no emotion as he fondly pays homage to them as saviors of his youth, as God’s gifts on earth, in an unique and riveting story . Ron Clancy is represented by Peter Miller of PMA Literary & Film Management, Inc.