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Stonebrook Publishing

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Stonebrook Publishing
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"Publishing with a Purpose"
"Publishing with a Purpose"
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Founded in 2010, Stonebrook Publishing is an author-friendly publishing company dedicated to bringing high-impact nonfiction works to the reading public. Unlike traditional publishing houses, we pursue a shared investment/shared reward model with our authors because we believe that authors deserve to be fairly compensated for their work.

Our published works have both commercial appeal and an intangible purpose behind them. While Stonebrook Publishing titles certainly attract a broad audience, they also offer a deeper value to the reader and, we hope, to society itself. Our authors... View More »
Authors who write high-impact nonfiction works
Authors must be aware that we accept only the finest writing, the most compelling stories, and projects that have a deeper purpose than financial rewards. In order to be considered for publication, please submit the finished first chapter of your work and a well-crafted book proposal that includes all of the information below, in the numbered format shown. Include your last name, page # in the header of every page.

1. Why did you write this? What motivates you to share this story?
2. What purpose will the book serve?
3. How is it different from other books published on this same subject? What new information or angle
does your story present that hasn’t already been heard?
4. What is the main theme of the story, as you see it now? What are the secondary themes?
5. Who is your audience? Be specific. Define your primary and secondary mark... View More »