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moses kibe kihiko

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moses kibe kihiko
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Moses Kibe Kihiko has studied certificate and a postgraduate Master’s degree in Leadership Studies. He has participated in a number of international competitions touching on leadership, human rights as well as trade and globalization. He entered his article entitled “The Key Challenges Facing Leaders in the Next Five (5) Years” to Ashridge Business School and Guardian Public competition. Moses holds the 2009 best overseas entrant certificate from Ashridge Business School and Guardian Public competition on a topic, “Learning that Has Helped Leaders In Public Services” He also made a list of the... View More »
I am looking for a worldwide markets for my published books, publishers for my unpublished books. With a vision of chiseling, cheering and championing leaders, I do training, consultancy, writing and research through Practicum Leadership, a firm which I am the founder and CEO, I am looking for training and consulting opportunities in corporates and other institutions worldwide. Having published one book, 'Public Leadership: the Ten defining Moments How Leaders Acquire & Handle, Fame, Power & Glory', I mainly train in leadership. I also train in Corporate Social Responsibility again having published a book in the area. Other areas I train on are business and management as well as social issues like marriage and courtship. I am also looking for partnerships and networking with like minded companies.