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JAMIR AHMED CHOUDHURY - India Book Author: Contact Details, Books, Biography


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Project-E-Road, Ukilpatty, Hailakandi, Assam 788155 IND

Hailakandi, Assam

India - 788155

Email [email protected]


'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' Vol. - 3, Anti-Global Resurrection published on 31st July, 2017
'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' Vol. - 3, Anti-Global Resurrection published on 31st July, 2017
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'Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata' is an inspired sharing at the appointed time as a Trinity of Reminder – Good Tidings - Warning. It shares for the First Time in the History of Pen-Paper-Pencil Epistemology those Manifest Truths which are being concealed historically from mankind in general irrespective of class, caste, ism, nation, tribe, gender etc. without Broken Bar. Due to concealment of Manifest Truth and Projection of Man-made Falsehoods within the domain of Epistemology in the name of Scientific Certainty and Formal Education by the International Scientific Soldiers [ISS] of Activism and Terrorism... View More »
Respected Sir / Madam,
Myself Jamir Ahmed Choudhury, Sharer [Pen Author] of ‘Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata’ or ‘Manifested Nature and the Utility of One’s Upright Logic’ Vol. – 1 published by Partridge Publishing India, 2016. ‘Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata’ Vol. – 1 is my first black & white work as well as a self-published book. It is hard to categorize the searched out findings shared in the ‘Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata’. As a sharer of ‘Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata’, I may say that the content and the contexts of the Book resemble with ‘Manifested Nature’ and ‘Capability of the Possessors of Balanced Good Sense to Approach Justness’ [Utility of One’s Upright Logic] i.e. the name of the book itself. Almost all the findings shared in the ‘Kitaaba Wal-Hikmata’ are either contrary or contradictory to the prevailing Trinity of Manifest Hypocrisy, Teleological Evidence Sorcery, and Extreme Epistemic Persecution as well a... View More »