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Heart.Ink Press, LLC

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Heart.Ink Press, LLC
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Heart.Ink Press started as a simple thought but grew into a vision that was very much accomplishable. Who would have thought that two individuals who have been friends for years would have shared the same dream of one day establishing a publishing company? Seemingly mentioned as a joke, during a relay of Heart of Man Ministries, Inc. emails, Ellenar randomly spoke, "we should form Heart Ink as a publishing company." Even though Alegra and Chakita initially brushed the "joke" off, at that present time, it later continually rung in Chakita's ear.

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Individuals who are in need of Publishing, Marketing, Editing, and Designing services.
Please view our website for Book Proposal Guidelines ( If you are in need of Marketing, Editing and or Designing services please email us at [email protected] Most of our pricings are online at Marketing prices are not posted because they vary per client.

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