Noel Huntley

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"With a background in physics from Leeds University and formerly employed at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment, Aldermaston, Noel Huntley continued physics studies to doctorate level, and also did further doctorates externally in experimental psychology and parapsychology. He has researched the foundations for a multidimensional physics that embraces life, mind, the universe, and the spirit, which will reconcile physics and religion into a spiritual science, and furthermore align the viewpoints of the atheist and the religionist by introducing a greater context.

Dr Huntley has written many books: Superhuman; The Secrets of Flying Saucer Propulsion; books on the extraterrestrial presence; a music book; two New Science books, etc. He has published technical manuals, articles and papers. Studies also included many other subjects, attaining qualifications in art, music, and computers. In addition, extensive research has been conducted in the field of physical mobility, covering athletics, sports, instrumental technique and skills, and revealing the nature of, and solution to, that (scientifically) mysterious 'resistance' to greater speeds, whether physiological or relativistic."