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Naia is a dentist and specialist in Functional Jaw Orthopedics. She loves working as a dentist and improving children's oral health. She recently found out that her name Naia means dolphin in Hawaiian... A happy coincidence, since her first book is about a dolphin with a toothache. Tursi is the dolphin's name. With this book, she hopes that children will love Tursi and feel motivated to brush their teeth the right way!. The dream is to see this book translated into different languages so that many children can have beautiful smiles. In her second book In a playful story, she warns about pacifier use and the problems that can occur when its use is not controlled. The goal of her books is always to prevent oral problems, from cavities to malocclusions. And in childhood, (up to the age of 6 - it's important!), this is the period of greatest facial development and the best time to instill good habits
I would like to see the book published in several languages, for several children, since the importance of oral hygiene in preventing caries is fundamental