Mirela Roznoveanu

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Mirela Roznoveanu attended the University of Bucharest Faculty of Letters. She received her cum laude MA on romance languages at the Bucharest University and Magna cum laude MS from Pratt University, New York. She is a member of Pen Romania, the Academy of American Poets, a Board member of The Romanian Television of New York and the Honorary Editor of Globalex published by the Hauser Global Law School of New York University. She is a literary critic, a specialist on comparative literature, a journalist, poet and novelist. Her first literary criticism book and also her first novel were published by the most prestigious publishing house of Romania. Her history of the world fiction, The Civilization of the Novel from Ramayana to Don Quixote has received the highest award of the Romanian Academy. Curious about the duality of her own Polish/Armân heritage, Roznoveanu was inspired to examine the territory of the Vlach/Armân people from the south of the Danube and in so doing was led to the subject of the history of this ancient population on the verge of extinction. She has traveled to the south of the Danube territories, the Balkan states where she has done extensive research for more than ten years. The travels were published in a book called Epic Stories. The fruit of this extensive documentation was the basis of the historical novel Vlachica. Roznoveanu, who arrived in the US without knowing the English language and started teaching law graduates after seven years, switched twenty years ago from the Romanian to the English language. VLACHICA. MOUNTAINTOPS ABOVE A STORMY SEA OF CONTENDING EMPIRES is her first novel written in English, but actually her ninth book written in the English language. She lives in New York City. She is a retiree of the New York University School of Law. She is currently at work on her next book.
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