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Mindstir Media is an award-winning book self-publishing company, best known for its "Mind-Stirringly" easy book publishing process. MindStir makes book self-publishing easy through its top-notch book-publishing services: book design, editing, illustration, printing, distribution, ebook conversion, publicity, book marketing and more. MindStir Media authors retain all rights. Each author also works directly with a bestselling author as well as an assigned professional publishing team. The team assigned to each author typically includes a book designer, editor (if applicable), and project manager. We also offer many book marketing and publicity services to help sell books. For instance, MindStir authors have enjoyed exposure on major news outlets such as ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliated sites. We also specialize in creating author websites and handling the social media for our authors. We even offer a plethora of traditional and online book marketing services that can be purchased a la carte. Many of our Mindstir Media published books have won literary awards. For a list of featured award-winners, go to http://www.mindstirmedia.com/mindstir-media-awards/ To learn more about publishing a book with Mindstir Media, visit http://www.mindstirmedia.com/selfpublishingpackages/ or call 800-767-0531.
Mindstir Media is looking to assist authors and publishers with book design, editing, illustration, book printing, publicity and book marketing. Book Design - Mindstir Media specializes in creating custom book cover and interior designs for books of all genres. If you're an author or publisher in need of a book cover design, get in touch with us. Editing - Mindstir Media employs professional book editors. We charge by the word and offer copy-editing as well as ghostwriting and proofreading. Children's Book Illustration - See our portfolio and pricing and also learn about our 3-step illustration process: http://www.mindstirmedia.com/2012/03/08/childrens-book-illustrations/ Book Printing - Whether you need to print paperback or hardcover, we have you covered. Mindstir Media offers numerous trim sizes. Also choose between gloss and matte covers. We are also one of the only print-on-demand providers that can print hardcover with dust jacket. Publicity - Mindstir Media can help you reach the media with services such as our premium press release service and social media publicist services. Book Marketing - We are experts in book marketing. Learn more here: http://www.mindstirmedia.com/bookmarketingservices/ If you're interested in any of the above, please call Mindstir Media at 800-767-0531, email us at [email protected] or schedule a consultation by going to www.mindstirmedia.com