Migel Jayasinghe

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"Migel, who has lived and worked in Asia, Africa and Europe, is a very active author and freelance journalist. Having established a vocational assessment and rehabilitation facility whilst Senior Occupational Psychologist with the Royal British Legion Industries between 1996 and 2001, (a groundbreaking facility helping ex-services disabled men and women back into appropriate further education, training and civilian employment), Migel retired in June 2001 and moved to Spain in late 2005. Although now devoting most of his time to creative writing, Migel also worked in the area of life coaching, having gained a distinction in this regimen from the Life Coaching Academy (UK) in 2002. Indeed his credentials are such that he presented and ran a workshop at the First Russian International Life Coaching Conference held at St Petersburg in November 2002. He had been deploying an eclectic range of counselling and coaching methods to help clients achieve goals they had previously thought were beyond their reach."