Marionette Simmons

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"Marionette Simmons was born; raised and currently lives in Bermuda. One day, long ago, she thought that she was an average girl with ordinary dreams like any other girl her age. She started writing for fun during the latter part of her high school years and sang for kicks. As the years passed by, she continues to write, work, sing and above all enjoy motherhood with her little girl Kelly her one and only precious gem. She has had opportunity to receive a few accolades from her writing such as a second place award for writing a tourism essay for her island home, Bermuda. Excitedly as she got her feet wet, she entered a series of her writings in her college's Writers Club competition during her studies there. She entered ten pieces and six were featured in their book. What an honor that was for her. Other recognitions came yearly, as she wrote a new Mother's Day tribute for many to enjoy. She has dedicated many years to writing and has been inspired by many of life's experiences, expressions, travels and family. Marionette decided to step out of her comfort zone and enter her poetry in a competition or two. She entered some of her writing into the International Library of Poetry and had the opportunity to be chosen for their Anthology and also The Whose Who of Poetry. Now her long life dream is about to be realized with her book: ""Life's Challenges, Experiences and Blessings""."