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"M. C. Jackson (Christine) was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but because her father was transferred often by his employer, she moved with her family fourteen times before completing college. Christine wrote her first story when she was fourteen years old. Being shy at the time, she never showed it to anyone. She continued to periodically write fiction, but it was only for her personal enjoyment Following earning her degrees in geology from Louisiana State University, she worked for ten years in the oil industry, being transferred four more times. Tired of always being new in town, she changed her career focus and moved to Florida to work as a hydrogeologist while staying put for twenty-six years. She is happily retired in Wesley Chapel, a suburb of Tampa. Drawing on her experiences during many moves as a child, teen and adult in the south and west, she knows that there are no stereotypes exclusive to certain regions. There are good people everywhere, and most places have a sorehead or two. However, Christine does use nuances of place-influenced attitudes to create rich characters in her adventure stories. When her sample readers raved about how great the book was, she decided to publish it. In addition to writing, Christine travels domestically and overseas, scuba dives, and kayaks with her friends and family. She creates stained glass art, rides her bike about 35 miles a week, still collects rocks, and tends to rescue animals."