Louis Wigdorsky

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Luis Wigdorsky Vogelsang is a Professor of Spanish Literature and Linguistic with studies at Universidad de Chile, but also a seventy-four years old child. He is an actor as well. For fifty years he has been acting on stage, TV, RADIO AND MOVIES in Chile where is born. Being a child enjoyed playing and he is still enjoying it at his seventy-four. Life itself is just a play, he says, an amazing, marvelous, mysterious and amusing play. That is why he acts and writes. As a lecturer, he use to state: ? By playing you learn to live and discover what the essential is hidden in the depth of the human heart?. Wigdorsky is an adventurer. Loves to travel and has lived in several countries: Israel, Spain, USA, Argentina, Venezuela and visited so many others. Firefight, sergeant in the Chilean army as a reserve. So he writes.