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"Lee Barckmann lives near Portland Oregon with his wife, her cat. There grown son stops by occasionally. Lee has worked in the Info Tech industry for the last 20 years. Born and raised in New Jersey, Lee graduated from the University of Kansas in 1973. He has called Oregon home since the mid-70?s. Lee lived in Eugene for ten years, but then, for reasons that remain unclear to this day, he moved to China, where he taught English for three years. In 1988, he returned to Oregon, after a brief stay in Florida. Lee and his family lived in Corvallis for five years before moving up the Willamette Valley to Wilsonville. Along the way, Lee worked on a couple of films that never got distributed and wrote another novel that has never been published, (as well as many short stories and a play or two). He has brooded about why he never made it big as a writer. Perhaps this book will finally explain that mystery, one way or the other. Lee says that ?Farewell the Dragon? was the product of a repressed midlife crisis. Writing the novel was less expensive than a new sports car and less complicated than serial adultery. He asks that the reader please handle 'the whole thing' with care. "