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We publish a wide categories of books and magazines in both physical and digital forms. Our current main 7 categories are Business, Literature, History, Sports & Outdoor, Travel Guide, Graphic novel, Education. Business is one of our focused categories, because our company name, "Jitshugyo no Nihon Sha" means "Japan Business (Publishing) Company". Regarding with a English-Japanese translated book, we recently have 3 successful books. [Business] Seth Godin "Poke the Box" [Business] Gary Vaynerchuk [Sports] Juan Carlos Cubeiro, Leonor Gallardo Guerrero We sell tranlation rights of our books to overseas. Some of our literature books are popular in Asian countries. Jitsugyo no Nihon Sha was established in 1897, and we are proud of our long contribution to Japanese publishing culture.
Buy: Digital contents, especially in education + entertainment category, for Japanese localization. Sell: Possible buyer Japanese popular cats comics


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