I have finished research and products. I will be appreciated by the visionary publisher. I offer a package of books, games, screenplays. More in the book Write and Tear.

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Who am I? My name is Ildiko Cs?lle, I am a mother, writer, and private researcher. I?m from Slovakia, Europe. I am involved in research and decryption of the human unconsciousness. I am an expert on the manifestations of stimulus processes. Although nobody in the world knows me, my work is spreading at light speed all over the world. In small details I am changing the world. The evidence is this tutorial that has changed the lives of thousands. Even though my work is being copied quickly, the author is still considered to be unknown. However, I am here Read my story and try my guide which has helped me a lot. To be honest, it has brought me back to my feet. I use it every time I feel dissatisfied and it always helps. Every time. Once again, hi! My name is Ildikó and I?m an author of methodologies for the development and rehabilitation of the human central nervous system (CNS) functions that are determined by genetics. I?m a woman and mother who has managed to discover a system of important cognitive processes only by my gift of perception. Once we properly apply rules in our brain given by genetics we could effectively help ourselves in our lives. It might seem unusual but I have been dealing with the topic of unconsciousness my whole life. I got a gift of noticing things that others don?t. I work as a mentor, coach, researcher, sometimes as an innovator. But at this point, I am the person who is here with you. Let me give you a helping hand. If you feel disappointed or anxious, feeling sad or you carry your pain inside, I?m here. I?m here for you.