Heather Wisenbaker

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"Heather Cain Wisenbaker is a self-publishing, working wife, and mother, recently retired from the United States Air Force. She resides in Texas but was raised in central Florida. She was inspired to create the Sweet Tooth Goblin pillows after her stepson lost his first tooth. She realized the pillows make the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for children of all ages. Of course a story had to go along with this soft little funny-looking goblin so she began writing a small story introducing the one and only Sweet Tooth Goblin. Her imagination and vision of the Sweet Tooth Goblin inspired the development of memorable characters with an unforgettable storyline. Her thoughts were, ?Children need a soft and cuddly pal to hug when they lose their teeth because it can be a scary time, and the tooth fairy could use an easy and quick way to retrieve the tooth without tripping over toys in the dark.? The Goblin?s job is a win-win for everyone; they get a boy or girl to love, and the tooth fairy has an assistant."