Caroline Cutmore

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"Caroline Cutmore lives with her husband Neil and their son Alex in the heart of the countryside in East Sussex, on the south coast of England. She grew up in the lovely, seaside town of Eastbourne, with its wonderful coastline, chalk cliffs and stunning scenery. Her childhood there was spent, either down on the beach, playing in the rock pools and swimming in the sea, or upon the Downs, (the beautiful, rolling hills surrounding the town), building camps under the gorse bushes or ice skating on the dew ponds. Depending on the weather, of course! She comes from a family of teachers, so has an ingrained love of the English language, but chose a very different path, now coaching beginners in the unique art of fly fishing when she is not writing! She draws inspiration for her stories from the surrounding countryside, with its incredible wildlife and from the very special, quintessential English woodland where, every day, in all weathers, she walks her beloved dog, Dora. Caroline loves: Snowstorms, bread and cheese, fresh air and ironing! Caroline hates: Marzipan, frogs, skiing and dusting!"
I am looking for a traditional, non contribution contract for the publication of book two in my series "The Crows of Spooky Wood". I would love to have book one re-edited with more art work and a professional proof read as well!