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Forbidden love, the Imperial Court of the Han Dynasty, jades worth millions on the black market ... Ross Lamos, 21st Century Karmic Detective, knows that somehow, the history of the three jades is his as well.

Yü, the Stone of Heaven, jade art born from the genius of ancient China. Lamos has built his career dealing Asian art and antiquities by hiding his very useful psychic Touch. When he holds the jades, the yü will reveal an extraordinary history.

Lamos will risk everything to protect the jades, and finally remember his role in a love story that changed the course of a Dynasty … the love between an extraordinary Concubine and a Prince, the son of her Emperor, and the Poet caught between them all … a story hidden for two thousand years in three pieces of yü.

Yü is the award winning first novel by Joy Shayne Laughter and begins the Ross Lamos mystery series.


JOY SHAYNE LAUGHTER was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, the fourth generation of her family to grow up there, and in the second generation to graduate from Indiana University. Her education in Theater helped her through years of eclectic (and hectic, occasionally dyspeptic) employment, from snake-handling at a children's museum to recruiting star faculty for a renowned holistic education and conference center. Joy has been an actress, singer, storyteller, teacher, staff and freelance journalist, administrative assistant, performance artist, experimental ritualist, theater usher and housecleaner. She has explored religions and spiritual paths from all over the world, settling finally into Buddhism, with a soft spot for the fat, laughing fellow.

Joy joined Samsara Films in 2002 as a co-producer for the feature documentary Kumbh Mela: Songs of the River (2004), an impressionistic record of the great Hindu spiritual festival on the Ganges that Joy attended in 2001 with the film's director, Nadeem Uddin. Joy has developed several other short documentary films with Uddin and Samsara Films.

Fifteen years learning the screenwriting craft prepared Joy for fiction writing. Her feature scripts earned a quarterfinalist spot in the 1997 Cinestory competition, and a proud semi-finalist position in the 1991 Nicholl Fellowship competition. Her first novel, Yü, was the second-place winner in the 2006 Arch & Bruce Brown Foundation Fiction Contest, and was also a finalist in the Adult Mainstream Novel category at the Pacific Northwest Writers Association's 2006 Literary Contest. Joy's short story, "Armistice Night," was an Adult Short Story finalist in the same competition.


"This story is so smart and so polished…one of the most delightful books I’ve read in several years. I truly loved every scene, every page, every character.

"…Joy Shayne Laughter has, with this one novel, risen to the top of my favorite authors list. Her delectable prose carries the reader along in an enchanting dream. She has demonstrated the power to captivate me with wonderfully unique characters, effortlessly drawing me into their drama, and then crushing my senses with an overwhelming love story.

"My only complaint with this novel is that I have to wait until the author’s next release in order to enjoy more of her superb talent. …a must read. Brava!!!"