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What if all the conspiracies we have heard about are not theories but facts?

Westminster. The day after tomorrow. A new political party has come to power, out of nowhere, and has made enemies of the rich and powerful – 'shadow people' connected to financial and corporate conglomerates, and perhaps even royalty. Ray Grady, a former talk show icon, has the charisma to lead this new force to the House of Commons and stop the nation descending into anarchy. There’s just one minor complication… Ray has just been assassinated, and all hell is about to break loose if the public finds out.

A scientific genius has a way to reanimate this now-deceased Prime Minister, but the risk of exposure of the plan could lead to the wrecking of the country’s fragile stability. Ray’s inner circle of advisers must pull off the greatest escape of all – bringing their leader back from the dead. Unknown to them, they could have some major allies… including forces from the spirit world.

With twists and turns, it's time to accept this is not the world as we see it described in the mainstream. The propaganda has gone, to be replaced with devastating truth. Are you ready to be Mindful?

A UK-based The West Wing for a new era of politics, where the choices on offer are no longer left or right, Mindful will appeal to readers of political fiction and fans of television shows such as the American restaging of House of Cards.


Presenter, producer and now author, alex:g found out about the plethora of conspiracies when he fronted the television series ON THE EDGE on Sky. Having been Festival Director for the Cult TV Weekenders for 14 years, he now gets to pen the sort of extraordinary fiction celebrated by that event. He is currently presenting the weekly current affairs show ‘Doomwatch®’ on Peterborough FM.


'A fantasy that could easily become fact – if people only believed the power for real, positive change was within us all. Incredibly thrilling and somewhat controversial, one of those books that will take you to a place you may well recognise...'
– Les Hemstock, Actor, Producer and Presenter (BBC, NBC, CBS).

'If you think regime change is hard to come by, wait until you see the political world that alex:g has dreamed up. Like ours, corruption and conspiracy continue their dance without heeding morals or public spirit, and any means justify the ends. The difference is that "the ends" aren't what they used to be!'
– Bryce Zabel, Author, Surrounded by Enemies: What if Kennedy Survived Dallas?

'alex:g has the enviable ability to write in an incredibly visual style. An approach that can conjure up a thousand images within a small amount of time but is complex enough to keep the reader riveted to what's happening on the page… as well as what's said between the sentences.'
– Mike Perkins, Artist for Marvel Comics on Captain America and Stephen King's The Stand.

'A new political party in the UK, or anywhere else for that matter, might only get into power via the route outlined in Mindful. A whirlwind formation and run for office, leaving no time for infiltration, derailment, or attempts at a systematic demolition job by the corporate-controlled media. In this unusual and intriguing merger of political thriller and science fiction, alex:g reminds us that those pulling the strings are not going to surrender cheaply.'
– Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson, Editors, UK Column newspaper.

'alex:g has carved a unique niche for himself, crossing the divide between the worlds of "truthseeking" and entertainment journalism to bring to wider attention key areas of importance that the mainstream media has kept from us. Mindful encapsulates this approach, highlighting crucial issues that genuinely affect us all, woven into a captivating fiction that may in reality be anything but.'
– Andy Thomas, Author, The Truth Agenda.