101 Shortcuts in Math Anyone Can Do
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More About This Title 101 Shortcuts in Math Anyone Can Do


101 Shortcuts in Math Anyone Can Do will unlock the secrets of the art of calculation. This book will increase your power of computation and thereby enable you to get more out of the mathematics you now know. You will soon be amazed at your ability to solve once-complex problems quickly. Included are clear and concise examples of 101 time saving math short-cuts - faster, easier ways to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. This amazing little book demonstrates easy math tricks in an accessible and engaging manner that will appeal to children. In addition to the 101 tricks, the text includes a review of pertinent mathematical concepts, actual applications, math curiosities, illustrations, and parlor tricks. You won't need a calculator, or in many cases even a pencil, to come up with the correct answers. Just a few simple short-cuts will have you solving basic problems in record time.


Gordon Rockmaker is an editor of engineering texts, and in that capacity has helped develop numerous college textbooks in engineering, science, and mathematics. A former practicing electrical engineer, Mr. Rockmaker has long been associated with the home-study field; his active interest in self-study methods led him to write this book.