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NOT SO COMMON COURTESY - THE OWNER'S MANUAL by Mitzi Taylor from Mitzi Taylor

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    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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    Paperback / softback
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    100 - 200
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  • Mitzi Taylor
Mitzi Taylor

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As owner & President of NSBT, Mitzi Taylor combines her education and years of experience to provide a valuable service that’s key to the success of both NSBT and their clients. Mitzi earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communications and Marketing. Prior to joining NSBT, Mitzi held ke...

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Common Courtesy:
Gesture of good will without the expectation of something in return. Where in the world did Common Courtesy go?! I don’t want to ruin this story for you, but I found out Common Courtesy is dying a slow and painful death. I want it back, so welcome to my journey. This book is about getting Common Courtesy back on the road to good health with chapters like: Communication Courtesy, Public Places, Traveling and Personal Courtesy. I have made this interactive for the reader (e.g. sign the front of the book, adding ideas in certain sections, Pass-it-Along Pages, etc.). Have fun & pass it along!