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On the occasion of the accession of Cyprus as a full member to the United Europe, the Cyprus PEN Centre participated in the variety of celebratory events held last year on the island to underline – as was befitting – this historic development by organizing on February 19th-22nd 2004 a Pan-European Symposium of writers, with the generous sponsorship of the Republic of Cyprus. “Europe writes History…” We gave this title to the Symposium and invited the twenty-two main speakers to pinpoint in the papers they prepared, each from a different angle, the significance of the historic European enlargement and the changes which are occurring, or are expected to occur in time, as the result of the expansion of the borders and the population explosion of the Europe of twenty-five member-states, and soon we hope of twenty-eight. In particular, of course, at the February Symposium, we aimed to study the cultural diversification – parallel to the diversification in the political, economic, social, legislative and many other sectors – occasioned by the dialogue of cultures between the country-members through their institutional agencies, but also between their different cultural agencies, state or otherwise, a dialogue which will inevitably be constantly enriched, broadened and strengthened. We live in interesting times! In an epoch when, slowly but steadily, the enmity and antagonism that were characteristics of our continent in the past are on the wane. In an epoch when to be different does not lead to violent military or ideological clashes but is more generally accepted as a productive and enhancing element of life, where national currency is withdrawn to be replaced by the common Euro and where, gradually, the confined space of “I” is replaced – or to put it better – “we hope that it will gradually be replaced” – with the greater capaciousness of “we.” We are publishing this book, which is small in size but very rich in content, in the hope that its reader, with the help of the fourteen papers in it, will see from a new viewpoint the polymorphous and hospitable cultural landscape that has begun to emerge in our united, renewed, revitalized, ancient continent.
Panos Ioannides
President of Cyprus PEN (from the prologue)

Alex Blokh – France | Jan Henrik Swahn – Sweden | Marita Conlon McKenna – Ireland | Titos Patrikios – Greece | Hans Eideneier – Germany | Emine Sevgi Özdamar – Turkey |Emanuele Bettini – Italy | France Bucar – Slovenia | Chara Bakonicola – Greece | Casimiro de Brito – Portugal |Nino del Bianco – Italy | Gustav Murin – Slovakia | Nayia Roussou – Cyprus | Trevor Mostyn – United Kingdom

Exhibited At: International book fairs