Building Blocks for Effective Software Testing
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More About This Title Building Blocks for Effective Software Testing


Software has infiltrated almost every industry, and software failure in any industry can be very costly. In the case of critical software it can potentially result in serious injury or loss of life. However, regardless of the criticality of the software, there is always a cost associated with errors. These costs call for some kind of software failure prevention.

One way to ensure software reliability is to implement a regular testing program, which is the basis for Nicole Smith’s new book, Building Blocks for Effective Software Testing. Packed with highly practical information, this book will provide software testing analysts with the basic knowledge to effectively perform a comprehensive testing regimen.

With its simplified format, the book also enables software test analysts to quickly apply the latest industry leading practices and lessons to their workplace. The art of software testing is a critical phase in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and this book provides analysts with the requisite knowledge to: Understand software testing terminology - Understand basic test processes and how they relate to the overall software development lifecycle - Know the contents of test documentation - Understand defect and issue tracking management - Understand the various testing types and when to apply them – and Present a number of useful definitions of software testing.